COSAR is the oldest SAR group of its kind in BC!

The Central Okanagan Search & Rescue Society was established in 1954 (originally called Kelowna Search & Rescue), when a little girl wandered off while camping with her family. There was no trained or organized group to search for her, so a band of people at the campsite took up the task. Fortunately she was found, but the people involved became thoroughly convinced of the need for organized Search & Rescue members. It was the caring people from that campsite who formed the nucleus of the Central Okanagan Search & Rescue team - now the oldest organized Search & Rescue group of it's kind in BC.

Since that time, membership has grown, with successful training programs coming to the fore. It is not surprising that a close affinity has developed with other service agencies - the RCMP, Fire Departments and B .C. Ambulance Service. Fish and Wildlife was one of the first groups to lend a hand to Search & Rescue. In 1997 Kelowna Search & Rescue and Westbank Search & Rescue joined to create Central Okanagan Search & Rescue. The new group is better able to serve the community and provides a highly trained professional volunteer Search & Rescue service to the community.