COSAR spent Thursday night on the Crawford Trails conducting a training scenario. The situation consisted of an injured mountain biker on a steep hillside. The teams mission was to locate the subject with minimal available information, assess and stabilize the subject’s injuries, package the subject and using a low angle rope system, lower the subject down to an easier grade for transport out to paramedics.

We use these situations to give as much hands on experience as possible for newer members and those that want to increase their knowledge in a particular skill set such as first aid or rope systems. On these training scenarios we encourage our members to put themselves in roles that they normally do not take on so that they can get experience in an environment where it’s Ok to make mistakes.

Everyone walked away last night learning something new whether it was a better way to apply a splint, coordinate multiple teams in the field from command, handle team radio communications, or how to rig a low angle rope system.