Central Okanagan
Rope Exercise

April 14-16, 2023

Kelowna, BC

With the goal of furthering the education and experience of BC’s search and rescue rope rescue community, Central Okanagan Rope Exercise is tentatively scheduled for April 14-16 in Kelowna, BC.

CORE will be hosted by Central Okanagan Search and Rescue and will hopefully include multiple instructors from around the province. The event is open to 65 people with priority given to current Rope Tech 1, Rope Tech 2/RRTM, and Rope TL BCSARA team members. If space permits, individuals with Rope Aware that are registered for an upcoming Rope Tech 1 course will be permitted.

The scope of the event will depend on the number of participants. The goal is to have Friday night for registration/meet and greet. Saturday and Sunday will be full field days involving scenarios at a location TBD.

The cost for the event is $50 per person. Please register by 5pm, March 18th.

We look forward to having a fun rope rescue weekend with you!

Registration is now closed!

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