Injured Snowmobiler

A call came in from RCMP shortly before 1 p.m. Monday for a snowmobiler who was injured in a clearing in Greystokes Provincial Park.

Due to the severity of the injury and the freezing rain conditions, a medical team was dispatched via helicopter while a ground team followed on snowmobiles.

The 29-year-old subject and his two partners used an InReach to transmit their location and then built a fire and shelter and waited for help.

As visibility decreased, the helicopter was forced to leave, so the subject was transported out by the snowmobile team on a medical toboggan.

“The sledders did everything right. They had an InReach, fire starter, warm clothes and snacks. It made the wait that much more comfortable for their friend,” said search manager Kevin Birnie.

“These are part of the 10 essentials Adventure Smart advocates for.”

The subject was handed off to BC ambulance service around 5:30 p.m. and taken to Kelowna General Hospital.

It was COSAR’s 12th task of the year.