Saturday Night

Saturday night was a busy night for COSAR.  It started with a mutual aid call to assist a neighbouring Search and Rescue team. 

While COSAR was mobilizing and heading to the area, a second call came from the Kelowna RCMP requesting COSAR’s assistance in locating two stranded teenagers in Black Mountain regional park.  The teenagers had left for a hike in the late afternoon and had gotten disorientated as they attempted to return home in the darkness.  When they realized they were in trouble they did the correct thing to call for help and stop moving.  This made the rescue a text book operation.  The RCMP had pinged their phone and gave COSAR their approximate location.  With this information COSAR’s Ebike team was able to ride to their location where they had gotten stuck on a steep slope.  COSAR assisted them down and then returned them to the command post where they were handed over to a family member and the RCMP.  Both teenagers were unhurt but just a little cold.