Snow Bikers Stuck in Ravine

Saturday before 6pm the Kelowna RCMP received an SOS call from a snow biker that had ridden into a ravine and had become  stuck after damaging their snow bike.  

RCMP then called on COSAR to locate and extract the snow biker.   

It turned out that the call actually involved three snow bikers that had gotten caught in a ravine in the Greystokes.

COSAR responded with 10 members and 3 Kelowna Snowmobile club members.  While searchers had the coordinates of the first SOS call, once members arrived it turned out the subjects had moved.  

The search was then furthered made complicated as the subjects where actually moving further into the ravine trying to find a way out but getting into more difficult terrain making the search teams literally chasing them for hours.

“When you send a distress signal with your coordinates, please stay at those  coordinates,” said search manager Duane Tresnich.

Due to the deep snow and location it took several hours for the search teams to catch up with our subjects, give them snowshoes and assist them in getting out of the ravine.  

All subjects where unhurt but cold and tired from their ordeal as they were returned to staging at 6am.