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Injured Snowshoer at Kelowna Nordic Trails

COSAR’s second call of 2022 came Sunday to rescue an injured snowshoer on the SnowView trail in the Kelowna Nordic Trail system.
The subject had injured his ankle and was unable to walk.
He was with two other snowshoers, and their two dogs, and they were able to keep warm with a small fire.
In conjunction with Kelowna Nordic, COSAR sent in a snowmobile team and two toboggans to extract the subject.
After riding seven km on the Nordic trails, the team ditched their snowmobiles and pulled the sled a kilometre to the injured subject. A rope system was needed on the way back due to the steep terrain.
Once back at the trailhead, the subject’s companions took him to KGH for treatment.
“It was textbook,” says SAR manager Brian Stainsby. “The subject was well prepared, they lit a fire and were able to tell us their exact location.”
COSAR would like to thank Kelowna Nordic for all their help during this rescue.