Sunday Was Another Busy Day

Sunday was another busy day for COSAR.
Just after midnight we were called out by the RCMP to assist in searching and locating a missing teenage girl who is on the autism spectrum.
The family was camping at a local campground when the girl walked away from the area.
Along with the RCMP, 14 COSAR members attended and searched the campground and surrounding area. The girl was located around 2 am safe and sound by family members.
Twelve hours later COSAR was called out by the BC Ambulance service to assist in evacuating an injured dirt biker along a riding trail in the Bear Lake Main Forest Service Road area.
The rider was taking part in a organized dirt biking event when he had an accident that resulted in a serious upper arm injury.
However COSAR was called off as members were arriving in the area as the events medical team evacuated the injured male to awaiting ambulance.
COSAR now stands at 35 calls for the year, with 10 coming in the last 14 days.